Innovations and Product 

In the 1970s, modern instrumentation primarily used dense sintered metals until the introduction of dense sintered ceramics in the 1990s

During the past 10 years, development of porous inert biomaterials, both metal and ceramic, has allowed tissue in-growth by mimicking the pore structure of natural bone. Load bearing porous metals commercialized by Zimmer and Stryker have been a significant innovation due to this tissue in-growth. With optimized pore morphology and engineered mechanical properties, CLM in an inert scaffold is designed to result in superior bone in-growth.

More recently, regenerative medicine has been led by innovations in biologics and osteo-stimulative materials, which have been non-load bearing materials. Extending this innovation cycle, Bio2’s bio-active CLM provides a load bearing material to remodel bone rather than replace it. Our goal with bio-active CLM is to offer the “Trifecta” of load bearing, osteo-stimulative and bio-resorbability.